Beyond The Hallmark

We know how precious your jewellery is to you, so it’s important to us that you buy with confidence, not just in the quality of our craftmanship but in the government approved accreditation that your new treasured piece of jewellery is authenticated as such, so you can love cherish and wear it with pride.

Is my MurrayandMe jewellery hallmarked?
Yes, at the start of 2021 we decided to work through our full collection to ensure every piece of jewellery we hand-make is certified by the Assay office with its hallmark of accreditation, even those pieces exempt due to their low weight. Even our small sterling silver Maia cube and initial charms have been tested and hallmarked. (N.B the only exception to this is our stud earrings which are too small to hallmark but will still carry the M&M makers mark).

What is a hallmark?
A hallmark, is a sequence of symbols stamped into jewellery. Hallmarks certify the purity of gold, silver, platinum or palladium, it’s is applied to jewellery after they have been thoroughly tested through the assaying process.
Does all jewellery have to have a hallmark?
In the UK, it is a legal requirement that all jewellery, containing precious metals being sold in the UK has an official hallmark. The only items which are exempt are those which are under the legal weight threshold:

  •  0.5 grams for Platinum

  • 1 gram for Gold

  • 1 gram for Palladium

  • 7.78 grams for Silver

Who stamps the hallmarks onto each piece of jewellery?
There are four Government Assay Offices in the UK- Birmingham, Edinburgh, London and Sheffield. At these locations, the purity of the precious metals is tested and a hallmark is applied to authenticate the metal so it can be officially sold as a precious metal.

What does each mark mean?

A sponsors mark- This is the unique mark of the company sending the article for hallmarking. M&M is our unique makers stamp.

This mark shows which Assay Office tested and marked the item. The Anchor is the symbol of Assay Office Birmingham .

This mark shows the fineness of the metal – ie purity of the precious metal content