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Information about your Personalised Jewellery

Personalised Pieces

All of my personalised pieces are handstamped which means each letter, number, punctuation and symbol is individually handstamped into sterling silver, gold and rose gold.
Due to the very nature of this technique there will be differences in spacing, depth and alignment- this is the beauty of handstamping, as each piece is completely unique and characterful. If you prefer a 'uniform' look then it's most likely you would prefer engraved jewellery.

It is important that before submitting an order to be personalised that all personalisation requests are double checked to ensure that no spelling errors or date errors have been made.

I will stamp exactly what you request so please check, check and check again before submitting your order. 

Changes to personalisation
I can't guarantee that I can amend your order/ personalisations as I may have already begun work on your piece but if I haven't it should be no problem at all. Please contact with any changes.